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President's Message | HKCBA Vancouver

A Message from the President of HKCBA Vancouver

Dear HKCBA members and friends,

As the new President of HKCBA Vancouver section I would like to welcome you to our recently updated website.

I hope you find the content interesting and a valuable resource to help you grow existing business  or developing  new business opportunities with Hong Kong or Greater China. Over the past 33 years HKCBA has worked continuously to promote Hong Kong-Canada bilateral trade. We have proudly seen many successes around individuals and companies growing their business over the past many years. 

Vancouver was one of the first HKCBA sections founded in 1984 and has grown to become a key organization within the local business community. The increased focus on Canadian trade and investment with Hong Kong and Asia in the 80s and 90s resulted in the need to develop closer ties between the two regions. As a result, our organization was able to use this opportunity to provide a forum for our members and the business community to discuss trade issues, exchange international business best practices and promote bilateral trade policies. The HKCBA is Hong Kong's largest and most active overseas trade association.

The HKCBA would not have been as successful without the support of our members and our strategic partners, including the members of our Hong Kong Family (comprised of a number of government and not-for-profit organizations as well as businesses based in Hong Kong).

We are pleased to be  hosting our  annual Hong Kong Connection Gala Dinner on March 8, one of the top five must attend business events in Vancouver. Please take a minute to look at sponsorship opportunities or to consider attending in person as it is a great networking opportunity. This is our event to help celebrate the Chinese New Year which runs from Feb 16th/18 to Feb 4th/19.(Year of the Dog)

The coming year promises to be an exciting year for HKCBA so please continue to drop into this site to check on upcoming education and networking events for members and guests.

In closing I would like to thank HKCBA  members, sponsors and board members  for their  continued support. I would also like to particularly thank our outgoing President Paul Gibbons for his hard work and dedication to HKCBA over the past many years. He is continuing on our board so his guidance and support will be invaluable in the coming year.

Dave Pohl
President, HKCBA Vancouver Section